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3ware Raid Cards

3ware raid card on lcgse02

Here are a few notes for posterity on this problematic raid card:
  • Hardware raid on it was a disaster.  Some things tried included firmware-updating the western digital disks.  Two useful links on the wdc site:
  • <> Bios update of the 3ware card itself: not done since it requires a 3ware linux driver version equal or greater than  The driver version in Dec 2004 on this node was v1.02.00.032.  An install of Scientific Linux ver. 303 only provides version  v1.02.00.033 of this 3ware driver.
    # grep -ih 3w /var/log/messages* | grep -i driver | tail -1
    Feb  2 10:32:40 lcgse02 kernel: 3ware Storage Controller
    device driver for Linux v1.02.00.033.
    Because of the poor hardware raid performance anyway we redid the raid as a software raid.

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