TRIUMF Grid System Management Documentation

TRIUMF Grid Patch Management


We use  yum (Yellowdog Updater Modified ;-) to install software and apply patches to the systems.  The yum  repositories are in the /ks/mirror/ tree, and are accessed over NFS.  This avoids unnecessary network traffic, and guarantees a stable and accessible patch mirror.
The yum.conf file has 5 repositories:
  1. SL 30x main
    The original Scientific Linux (v 30x) distribution, where 30x is the current SL 3 version (as of May 2005 it is 304).
  2. SL 30x errata
    patches for this version of Scientific Linux
  3. LCG 2.4.0 Repository
    The LCG distribution with version 2.4.0 (as of May 2005)
  4. LCG 2.4.0 Updates Repository
    The updates for the LCG Repository
  5. LCG CA Repository
    The Certificate Authority RPMs for LCG

Mirror Structure for YUM

The current mirror directory structure for these repositories looks like the following.  Note that it mutates as new versions of SL, Fedora Core and/or LCG appear.  As of May 2005 the Fedora Core repository is used for the Service Challenge nodes:
  • /ks/mirror/303/
    • /ks/mirror/303/i386
    • /ks/mirror/303/errata_i386
  • /ks/mirror/304/
    • /ks/mirror/304/i386
    • /ks/mirror/304/errata_i386
    • /ks/mirror/304/x86_64
    • /ks/mirror/304/errata_x86_64
  • /ks/mirror/fc3/
    • /ks/mirror/fc3/x86_64
    • /ks/mirror/fc3/errata_x86_64
  • /ks/mirror/RPMS.lcg_2_4_0_sl3
  • /ks/mirror/RPMS.lcg_2_4_0_sl3__updates
  • /ks/mirror/RPMS.lcg_ca

Patch Procedure

(to be described)