TRIUMF Grid System Management Documentation

TRIUMF Grid Mirror Structure and Maintenance

The mirror directory structure is described briefly here:
  • /ks/adm/
    • owned by root.
    • contains small scripts, etc. that may be useful for systems management.
  • /ks/kscfg/
    • owned by trteam.
    • contains the kickstart configuration files for different configurations and versions.  Files should have names that reflects their function.
  • /ks/mirror/
    • owned by trteam.
    • contains yum repository mirrors of the software used for:
      • /ks/mirror/303/ (the linux distribution)
      • /ks/mirror/RPMS.lcg_2_3_0_sl3 (the lcg version)
      • /ks/mirror/RPMS.lcg_ca (the cert. authorities RPMs)
    • contains miscellaneous RPMs in /ks/mirror/extras/ that may be used during installation or other configuration.
    • Updates for the mirror are first done on shrugged (see note at end of this page), and then are pushed to lcfg.
  • /ks/rtrees/
    • owned by root.
    • contains rsync trees for different configurations and versions of systems.
    • there are two major trees for each version:
      • /ks/rtrees/VERSION/os/
        • System-wide configuration files like /etc/hosts.allow and others reside here.
      • /ks/rtrees/VERSION/nodes/
        • Node-specific configurations go here, like ssh machine keys, certificates, network configuration, etc..
This entire directory structure is mirrored at:

There are two major makefiles on shrugged that can be used to get updates and then to push updates.  Since 'wget' is used to get the LCG and CA RPMs it seems wiser to fiddle with it on shrugged, and then if no problems occured, to push the updates to lcfg.  Note that AFAIK, there is no test option with wget to see what it would do - it just blindly does whatever you tell it to do.  'rync', OTOH, has a '-n' option that allows you to test your command first.