TRIUMF Grid System Management Documentation

TRIUMF Grid Installation Guides

Installation of a node requires the following actions:

  • If necessary, synchronize the mirror for any changes that you want to include.  Particular configurations for this node should already be added in   /ks/rtrees/rsync-303/nodes/THIS_NODE
    - if not then correct the mirror first.
  • Backup the current node.
  • Declare downtime in the GOC database.
  • Set up pxeboot for re-installation of this node.
  • Verify that the DHCP server is configured for this node, and that the node can boot off the private network.
  • Reset the node and monitor the kickstart installation output on the KVM switch monitor.
  • At this time we are still manually resetting the symbolic link for pxeboot from a network install to booting from the hard disk.  Before rebooting be sure to correct the symlink in the pxeboot configuration area on lcfg:/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/
  • Reboot the node and verify that there are no configuration problems.