TRIUMF Grid System Management Documentation

SSH Notes

In order to facilitate 'roaming' around the nodes in the cluster we have a passphrase-protected ssh key for root's and trteam's accounts on lcfg.  This allows us to do in a session a single passphrase authentication for all nodes accessed from a central host.  To roam, do the following:

  1. First ssh onto the cluster from your desktop
  2. Launch an ssh agent:
    # eval `ssh-agent`
    Agent pid 4555
  3. Add the default identity
    # ssh-add
    Enter passphrase for /root/.ssh/id_dsa: 
    Identity added: /root/.ssh/id_dsa (/root/.ssh/id_dsa)
  4. Example roaming:
    # for i in `seq 1 4` ; do
     echo -n "wn00$i ":
     ssh root@wn00$i date
    wn001 :Thu Feb 24 15:44:33 PST 2005
    wn002 :Thu Feb 24 15:44:33 PST 2005
    wn003 :Thu Feb 24 15:44:33 PST 2005
    wn004 :Thu Feb 24 15:44:34 PST 2005