TRIUMF Grid Software and Applications

Create Database

Once the server software is installed, proceed with creating a database using the tool dbca.  I have found that it doesn't work very well for creating custom databases.  It was easier to copy a template file first and edit it to suit our needs.

Altering a template

  1. Copy the general purpose template and edit it.
    cd $ORACLE_HOME/assistants/dbca/templates
    cp -p General_Purpose.dbc lcg.dbc

Using dbca

  1. Login as user 'oracle' and confirm that your environment has ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_BASE and ORACLE_SID set.
  2. Launch the Database Configuration Assistant:
    $ dbca
  3. Pick 'Custom Database', and enter in the Global Database Name as the server name ( and choose the same SID as set in your environment (lcg)
  4. Set up Database Control with email notifications (smtp server: localhost, email addr: trteam @; do not enable daily backups.
  5. Select 'Use the same password for all accounts' and set it.
  6. For the storage mechanism choose 'File System', then 'Use Oracle-Managed Files'.  The database area should be set to:  /oradata1 and muliplex location for the redo logs and control files should be set to: /oradata1, /oradata2, /oradata3
  7. Next enable Automatic Archiving of filled redo log files.  Set 2 archive log destinations:  /oradata2/archives and /oradata3/archives
  8. Proceed with other choices by accepting the defaults.  When you get to Database Storage, select the redo log groups and set the file sizes to be 20480 instead of 10240 KB.  Review your choices, then proceed to finish.