TRIUMF Grid Software and Applications

Ganglia Server Setup

The current Ganglia gmetad server and web server is lcfg.  These are the steps necessary to set up the server:

Set up gmetad

  • Install the gmetad RPM and the rrdtool RPM
    # cd /opt/mirror/rpms/extras/ganglia
    # rpm -iv rrdtool-1.*.i386.rpm ganglia-gmetad-3*.i386.rpm
  • Once again, the service starts immediately, before we have a chance to configure it. So stop it and reset its runlevel:
    # /etc/init.d/gmetad stop
    # chkconfig --del gmetad
    # chkconfig --level 345 gmetad on
  • Setup the gmetad configuration file, The file should be stored in the kickstart rtree as /ks/rtrees/rsync-303/nodes/lcfg/etc/gmetad.conf
  • The parameters to set are:
    • data_source
      data_source "LCG Servers" lcgui01.triumf.lcg lcggiis01.triumf.lcg
      data_source "LCG Storage Elements" lcgse02.triumf.lcg \
      data_source "LCG Compute Elements" lcgce01.triumf.lcg \
      data_source "LCG Workers" wn001.triumf.lcg wn002.triumf.lcg
    • gridname ("Triumf")
    • trusted_hosts
    • setuid_username ("apache")
  • Give ownership of the rrds directory to the httpd owner:
    # chown -R apache /var/lib/ganglia/rrds
  • Start the service:
    # /etc/init.d/gmetad start

Set up the web service

Here we assume a functional apache installation, with mod_php installed and configured.
  • Untar the ganglia web code and give ownership to a non-web account; ie. trteam:
    # cd /w/html/gridinfo
    # tar zxf \ /ks/mirror/extras/ganglia/ganglia-webfrontend-3*.tar.gz
    # ln -s ganglia-webfrontend-VERSION ganglia
    # chown -R trteam:trteam .