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Ganglia Notes

This document describes how to set up the ganglia server and clients.  Our kickstart configuration does not entirely handle this setup at this time, though in principle the correct configuration file for any particular client node is found in /ks/rtrees/rsync-303/nodes/THIS_NODE/etc/gmond.conf.  Since the worker nodes will eventually vastly outnumber the other nodes a default worker node configuration is installed during kickstart from /ks/rtrees/rsync-303/os/etc/gmond.conf

Server Setup
Client Setup


Ganglia Multicast Channel

The default multicast channel for ganlia uses  Do not use this address.  Otherwise it is problematic to separate nodes into different groups.


For at least Fedora Core 3 the /etc/php.ini file on the ganglia web server must be editted to set the php logging level back to the setting used in previous versions of php, without NOTICE logging; that is:
error_reporting  =  E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE


I built a version of the rrdtool for Scientific Linux that does not contain any php functionality.  Here is the SPEC file.

Documentation Links

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