TRIUMF Lenya Help Documentation

Detailed Lenya Authoring Topics

Besides the Authoring and Live tabs, there are two other tabs described here.

Admin Tab

Users logged onto the site as an author will see the Admin tab near the top of the page. Accessing the admin area through this tab requires the user to have admin rights. At least one login user account in a Lenya system is assigned an Admin roll.  This user creates user accounts and assigns them rolls.  Additionally the admin user can delete the Trash, which are those pages that authors have deactivated and deleted.  She may also look at the web server status.  Here is a view of the admin's page:

Multiple Accounts

A user who is currently logged in as a reviewer, for example, and then clicks on the Admin tab will need to log into an account with admin privileges.  It is important to note that the user will have to log in as a reviewer again when he leaves the admin area.  Only one role may be assumed at any time in the session.

Site Tab

The Site tab presents a tree view of the entire publication for logged-in authors (reviewers and editors).  The hierarchy for the current publication is rooted under the Authoring bullet.

Thus in the preceding example I have a hierarchy of 'Document IDs', or web pages like this:

Document ID or Object
Menu Navigation Title
/index Home
/install Installing Lenya
/using Using Lenya
  - /using/detailed   - Detailed Topics
  - /using/detailed/admin.png
 Image inserted from available Assets
/kupu Using Kupu
/test Test Area
  - /test/denice   - Denice's Test Page 

Except for page editting, all other important functions of authoring take place from the Site tab. Possible actions for the currently-selected page include the following according to which tab is selected:
  • edit page Meta data
  • add or delete Assets .  Valid objects that may be added include only the following extensions on uploaded files.  All others will be rejected by the New Asset dialog (note that we can, and have, added extensions to the list below):
    doc, dot, rtf, txt, asc, ascii, xls, xlw, xlt, ppt, pot, gif, jpg, png, tif, eps, pct, m3u, kar, mid, smf, mp3, swa, mpg, mpv, mp4, mov, bin, sea, hqx, sit, zip, jmx, jcl, qz, jbc, jmt, cfg, pdf
  • view the Workflow history for this document
  • view previous Versions of this document, or Rollback to a previous version
  • Not yet described here: AC Auth , AC Live , Scheduler

The Edit Menu

Under the Site tab the Edit Menu provides additional functionality, depending on the state of the currently-selected document.

Some options include:
  • move the page up or down the page hierarchy.  This may not be changed once the page has been published.
  • delete the page, only if it has previously been deactivated.
  • archive the page, only if it has previously been deactivated.  This is a less-destructive alternative to deleting pages.
  • restore the page, only if it has previously been archived.