TRIUMF Lenya Help Documentation

Installing Lenya on Linux

Here are some pointers on installing Lenya 1.2.x on a Fedora/Red Hat Linux system.  I don't garantee that this is the best way to do it, but it works for me. Please contact me if you notice glaring errors.  Note that I am gradually filling in this page.  It is not complete yet.

  • Create a user who will own the lenya installation (this example creates a user called lenya).  Deny logins for this user by disabling the account.  This is the default if you do not set a password:
    # adduser -c 'Lenya Owner' lenya
  • Designate a local directory where the software will be installed.  Give ownership of this tree to user 'lenya'
    # mkdir /var/www/cms
    # chown -R lenya:lenya /var/www/cms
  • Become the user and prepare to install the software.  See the lenya web site for instructions and download locations of relevant software; i.e. java, cocoon, lenya.
    # su - lenya
    $ cd /var/www/cms/
    $ mkdir src
    • install a java environment if not already installed:
    • unpack cocoon and lenya:
    • export your java environment, and build cocoon and lenya:
  • Configure lenya on port 8888, then start and stop the lenya process as an initial test
  • Put into place a chkconfig script to automatically start and stop lenya
  • Configure apache to act as a proxy on port 80
  • Create static pages of your site on a regular basis using wget