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Various kinds of documentation for the TRIUMF Atlas Tier-1 Centre are located or linked from here.

On the left are links to the documentation. Some out-of-date documentation has been moved to the Archives area. It is still accessible however from the Archives link on the left.

Note that the T-1 Documents, Manuals and Inventory links are accessible only from within the TRIUMF domain, or with authentication. At this time only the Recipes and the Archives links are public.

The Recipes site is a small content management system allowing Tier-1 staff to create and maintain small HOW-TO's and notes on issues relevant to the data centre.

Our logbook is linked from this page too (as it is from other pages we maintain).

Detailed policy and process documents, diagrams, and images are located in the T-1 Documents area. External hardware and software manuals are located in the Manuals area.